See what our students are saying about the Mud Hut Yoga Studio

Love the atmosphere. Love the way I feel after a session. Love the calming effect.
— Lyndel
Make the time to give yoga a try, once you have you won’t want to miss a session!
— Kellyann
Since beginning to practice yoga at the Mud Hut I feel that I have become a more relaxed, healthier person.
— Maree
Yoga is now with me every day, every breath is deeper and every moment has meaning.
— Bernie
Sue gives me the tools to nurture my physical and emotional self - not just in class - in real life as well. She has guided me with grace, humour, non-judgement and extraordinary generosity. Thank you Sue for the gift of yoga.
— Cathy
I really look forward to my Mud Hut yoga classes for many reasons: increased physical strength, inner peace and meeting interesting people.Yoga has definitely helped me become more mindful of my whole being - emotional, mental and physical. I enjoy knowing I’ve come so far. Thank you for bringing yoga to our district!
— Jenni
Sometimes when I head off to my yoga class at the Mud Hut I feel physically that I won’t make it through to the end of a session. However, I’ve always made the distance and walked away feeling invigorated and positive! I particularly love the friendly atmosphere and the relaxation at the end of class.
— Genny
Mud Hut Yoga: Serene and non-threatening.
— Jo
I feel uptight, I feel scattered, I feel frazzled and tired. I get out of my car and walk up to the warm lights of the Mud Hut. As I approach the door, I take a deep breath and smell the aroma of essential oil, I feel tension leaving my shoulders, I open the door and am greeted by warmth, soft colours, low lighting and I can hear beautiful music playing quietly...I smile, I relax...this next hour is my time and I know that at the end of that time I will leave with my muscles buzzing and my mind and heart light.
— Shell

I am a knockabout bloke, fairly positive, don’t mind working and am conscious of my wellbeing. I thought I was too blokey to do Yoga. After a talk with Sue, I decided to give it a go, with other blokes of course. There are five of us. Well I love it! We turn up in our shorts and T shirts every Monday evening. It doesn’t take long for the hour and a half to disappear. I walk out feeling great. I noticed early one morning after a session just “how great I felt”. I am more agile, more flexible and my breathing has improved.  I would recommend Yoga4Blokes to any other blokes out there who are stiffening up, a bit anxious and who want to get the flexibility back into their body.  Thanks Sue it was a great suggestion to come. I will keep attending  the “Yoga For Blokes” classes.     

                                                                                                                       - Bernie (the bloke one)