Sunday 15th - Friday 27th SEPTEMBER , 2019

12 nights / 13 days

PLEASE NOTE: The below itinerary has changed - we have changed the direction of our travel - so we will begin in Bangalore. As well as that we have added some more really exciting ‘extras’ - at no extra cost! Stay tuned for more details. There are several places still available at this stage…..


This tour itinerary contains so many fantastic experiences that I wish it was THIS September not 2019! The February tour sold out in less than 3 days (without advertising) so don't dilly-dally. If you're interested let me know. Sue x

Highlights Include:

Yoga (plenty of), some train travel (I love trains), cooking experiences, a meal with a local family, tea plantation & factory tour & tastings, jungle safari drives, meandering the backwaters of Kerala on beautiful unique houseboats, wonderful accommodation, delicious food (Southern India is renowned for its food), exploring Mysore palace & Fort Kochi historic spice trading town.

And so much more…. 

  • Throughout our journey we will have ample opportunity to practice yoga in unique environments in its country of origin. Of course everything is optional but the yoga program is designed to complement our experiences as we travel and is suitable to all levels of experience.

  • One of the main highlights of previous trips has been the company of the beautiful people who are attracted to these tours!


Once again I am partnering with the wonderful team at Essence of India Tours and Divinity Travel

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A few testimonials from previous tours:

'This India tour was one of the most interesting and inspiring times of my life.' David

'If you are open to having your ideas of normality challenged, are ready for a nice mix of fun, surprises and a dash of chaos, then India is for you. The tours were heaps of fun, with lots of laughs. We came back home relaxed and energetic. (After we recovered from the flight). What a great group of people to travel with!!!' Ian & Penny

'A once in a life time of my most lasting memories I think will be 'colours'. Anita

'Your leadership hit the right note at all times informative, fun and flexible. ALSO you had loo paper and coins..thank God. I felt safe at all times which is a priority for me. The yoga was great for me as I am not young or particularly fit or always committed but loved the “go at your own pace” no pressure ethos. Some venues for the yoga were purpose built and beautifully serene others were a reminder that a significant part of yoga is in your head and can be done anywhere ... even on a bus.' Chris

'This trip was incredible and unexpected in the most wondrous way" Tim

'..exceeded my expectations in every regard. A wonderful experience' Robyn

'What a wonderful trip we enjoyed! History, culture, religion and politics all providing a fascinating, sometimes challenging, but very rewarding experience of India'. Alan

Feel free to contact me to chat about any queries: 0438 523 415

See below some photos of sights we will see and some examples of our accomodation mixed in with some of my street and yoga snaps from previous trips.