Newsletter - Spring 2016

Hi Folks,

Can you believe that Spring is here? It’s so good! Spring is a great time for renewal and growth…so it’s a perfect time to begin a yoga practice or to restart some regular yoga with renewed enthusiasm.

Perhaps you might feel the urge to join, or rejoin, our classes?

Perhaps you’ve never got quite past the Introductory classes, came for a while and then ‘life got in the way’ or maybe you’ve just had a bit of a winter ‘sabbatical’?

Perhaps you’ve never done yoga but feel a bit curious?

With 10 regular classes, 3 different teachers and regular Introductory courses there’s a place for everyone. So why not give it a go?

Whilst the last few month seem to have flown by it seems to have been cold for a fair while too. Luckily I did fit in a couple of weeks of warm weather – as you can see from the pictures below I managed to fit in lots of yoga – you have to be versatile when you’re camping! And the view when I lay down in savasana was delicious.


So…THANK YOU to Marie & Cat for doing such a great job in my absence. I have had a great deal of positive feed back. 


My 8 classes continue unchanged plus Marie’s 10.45am Tuesday and Cat’s Wednesday 7.00pm classes continue to be very popular. Go to:   for current class details.


A 5 week Introductory Course will commence at the start of Term 4. The classes will be at 6.00 – 7.30pm on a Thursday afternoon, first session Thursday 6th October. If you know anyone who might be interested could you please let them know?

HOLIDAY CLASSES: The remainder of the year is looking very heavily committed for Cat, Marie & me on various fronts. We have decided therefore to close the yoga studio for the 2 weeks of the September school holidays. We apologise to those people who love to continue without a break L L LI am very happy to provide people with some handouts, suggestions etc to help you continue with a home practice for the 2 week break J

TERM 4: Begins Monday 3rd October and is an 11 week term, finishing Tuesday 20th December. I will have planning forms and envelopes available next week.

India: Bookings for the Sacred Earth India Yoga Retreat have been very heart warming. I have a really great group of people booked, all of whom are really genuinely excited about exploring India & Yoga on this special retreat. Whilst I have an ideal group booked already there are a couple of places still available ~ and at the risk of sounding like a used car salesman >> I have decided to extend the early-bird price till WEDNESDAY 19th OCTOBER. So if you have been humming & haaing, waiting and seeing, then now is the time to act. If you are keen, but have some hesitancy, please give me a ring and we can talk through any issues you are concerned about. It really is going to be a lot of fun. Kecci has just got back from India and has discovered a couple of extra special things we are going to add in to the retreat. We will all meet before Christmas for a social gathering so everyone knows everyone and we all know what we have to do to prepare for the trip. Go to to refresh your mind with the details. 

Once again, thank you all for your continued participation in our beautiful and ever evolving Mud Hut Yoga Community. 

And Namaste,


0438 523 415


January, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and that 2016 has begun well for you and your loved ones.

Is it a long time since you attended yoga classes at the Mud Hut? Or, anywhere for that matter? Or didn’t you ever ‘quite’ get started?

Maybe 2016 will be the year for you to consider taking the time to fit in some ‘me’ time. Yoga is a time to nurture yourself holistically: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually (whatever that may mean for you). At the Mud Hut you can do this in a beautiful, calm and welcoming environment. There are 10 classes offered each week including general, gentle, kids & blokes (blokes can actually come to any classes but there is one reserved just for blokes). Plus an Introductory course that runs for the first 5 weeks of each term. This term the Introductory Course starts on THURSDAY 28TH JANUARY (that’s NEXT week!!) There is something for everyone.

REMEMBER: If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any queries or would like to join one of our classes.

TERM 1 begins on WEDNESDAY 27th January.

The first class for the term will be a NEW ONE –* Yoga with Cathy* on WEDNESDAY @ 7.00pm.Many of you will have had a chance to experience a class with Cathy during 2015 and again during the current Holiday Program. The feedback has all been extremely positive so this is a great opportunity to try something different – maybe this day and time works well for you, or you would like a change, or you might like to add a regular second class, or perhaps you might like to attend this class casually just to try it out and enhance your current yoga practice. The addition of an extra class will also make it easier to “make up” missed classes.


This 5 week course will begin on Thursday 28th January 6.00pm – 7.30pm. The cost is $80.00 which includes a comprehensive information booklet. Last term this course was very popular and worked well to assist people to get a feel for yoga before joining a regular class. If you know anyone who might be interested please mention this to them and get them to give me a call for details. It’s really good for people to be organized to start with the first session. Also, any regular students who would like to come along to some, or all, the classes in this course may do so at no cost.


Loretta will be running 4 classes for Kids this term (Feb 10 & 24, March 9 & 23). These classes will be for Primary School aged children and will run on Wednesday @ 4.15pm-5.15pm. If you know any kids interested (Primary or Secondary) please let us know as Loretta is happy to change the times & age groups according to demand. The kids who have been attending have all enjoyed the classes and their parents report noticeable positive, beneficial changes to the overall well-being of their children over time. For example, improved sleep patterns, calmer children, using breathing to control short temper (we can all use this one!) and many other things. The cost is very reasonable: $10 per session & there is a 50% discount for siblings!


Easter is early this year so this will be quite a short term – so make sure you’re organized to get started at the beginning. There are 7 to 9 classes depending on what day you attend class (there is a Monday public Holiday and we finish Easter Thursday). I have been going through my attendance records. Term 4 is always the busiest of the year so more people struggle to attend class regularly. Despite this the overall attendance rates were really good for term 4. WELL DONE!

HOLIDAY PROGRAM: Everyone I have spoken to who has taken advantage of the continuation of classes over the summer break has been very positive! A BIG thank you to Cat & Marie for sharing the class load and making this possible!!

I will look forward to seeing you all as we start a new term.


Sue x


June, 2015

Hi Everyone,


I am very excited to announce a new stage in how the Mud Hut Yoga studio will be running in the future!

As you all probably know, I run classes by the school term with two weeks extra break in the July holidays. This has always worked well for me and allowed me time to fit in all my other commitments. Luckily I have rarely had to cancel classes due to illness or unavoidable commitments that clash with classes – however, it is always a concern for me about ‘what to do’ if I can’t fulfil my current teaching schedule. With a growing number of enthusiastic students, many of whom would like to continue throughout the year without so many breaks, I have been working on an alternative way of doing things for over holidays and also to deal with times when I can’t teach.

The initial plan is to run a 4 week holiday program from Monday 29th June till Friday 24th July. This is being made possible with the introduction of two new teachers to the Mud Hut. All classes will remain unchanged during this time except for the Tuesday evening classes. The 5.15pm class and the 7.00pm class will be blended and become a 6.00pm class. We decided that over winter this should work for everyone and lessen the workload by one class. Term classes will continue unchanged from Monday 27th July – Friday 18th September (8 week term).

Classes will run according to demand. I will be taking bookings over the next couple of weeks. Bookings need to be confirmed with payment by FRIDAY 19th JUNE. You do not need to book for the whole 4 weeks. Just book and pay for the classes you are able to attend. I will let everyone know which classes will go ahead when numbers are finalised. If a class does not go ahead due to insufficient numbers a full refund will be made or you can swap to another class. For people who are unable to plan that far ahead – you will have the option to join in any of the classes, subject to an available place.

Prices are as follows:

·         4 classes $56    * 3 classes $42    * 2 classes $28     *1 class $14     *casual $18 per class

·         2 classes per week (8 classes - $88)

Please place your correct payment in an envelope with your name and the number of classes you are booking. This will make it easier to keep track of payments and will simplify refunds if they are required.

There will be a booking form and also a consent form to sign which will allow me to make your registration forms (which include your medical details) available to the other teachers at the Mud Hut. Please speak to me if you have a concern with this issue.

I hope there will be lots of support for this new initiative and that as many people as possible will take the opportunity to support our new teachers and at the same time broaden your yoga experience – learning with a different teacher is always a lot of fun! I’m just sorry I won’t be around to join in the classes!! I really am looking forward to being able to offer a more comprehensive yearly timetable. Please go to the ABOUT page to read about the new teachers joining the Mud Hut.


Sue x

January 23rd, 2015


I trust you have all found some time to relax and refresh over the Christmas and New Year period. For those of you who attended the extra classes after the official end of term it won’t have been such a long summer break this year. Hopefully everyone has made at least a ‘little’ attempt at some home yoga practice?!

From January 1st I spent 15 days in Cairns at an intensive Yoga Teacher Training Course with Nicky Knoff. It was a tough gig that did have me questioning my sanity at times (why am I spending my holiday break doing THIS!!). We started the day at 5.30am with 4 hours of asana, pranayama & meditation. The afternoons consisted of 2 hours philosophy or anatomy plus 2 hours of teaching methodology. With several exams spread throughout the weeks the evenings were spent studying before early nights. I’m very happy to say I passed the course and am sure that all of what I learnt will not only deepen my own practice but also improve my teaching.

Classes at the Mud Hut will commence on TUESDAY 27th January (that’s NEXT WEEK!!!) It will be a 9 week term (8 weeks for Monday's classes). See 'FEES' tab for new pricing.

I suggest that if you haven’t done ANY(or hardly any) yoga in the break now would be a good time to start doing a few Sun Salutations or some of the other suggested sequences I gave out at the end of term.

The class time table remains unchanged at this stage. I am planning to run a Beginners Course on a Thursday @ 6.30pm – 8.00pm. This will commence in the third week of term (to allow time to advertise) – that will be Thursday 12th - depending on the level of interest. So if you know anyone who is, or may be, interested please mention this to them.  

An interesting conversation I had recently:                                                                       Someone mentioned to me that they would like to begin yoga classes with me. They have never done yoga before. When I told them that I would be running a beginners course early in the year the response was: ‘But I don’t want to be a beginner!!’

It left me a little puzzled…we have to begin from where we are and then progress from that point. Sadly, I don’t really expect this person to begin a yoga practice, with me or anyone else, unless they have a dramatic shift in their thinking…which probably won’t happen unless they begin yoga in the first place!

 Funny things human beings…

The really exciting new development for this year is the introduction of: 

KIDS YOGA (5-8 year olds)

With Loretta McIntosh & Jenni Rathjen

WEDNESDAY 11th February 4.30pm – 5.15pm (45 minute class)

$70 for a 7 week term

$105 for 2 siblings

Please spread the word – the more the merrier.

If this age group runs successfully we plan to extend to other age groups in the future so please feel free to ring and register interest even if your children aren’t in this age group – that will help in our future planning. 

I’m really looking forward to another exciting year of yoga at the Mud Hut and to seeing all your smiling faces next week. Remember the new ‘class pass’ for if you know you’ll have to miss more than 2 or 3 classes – might be a good option for some.

Let me know if your plans have changed for this term: either a day / time change or if you're not going to make it to yoga this term - it's always good to keep in touch.