There’s a distinct energy, a kind of palpable magic, which comes from someone who is grounded and naturally full of gratitude.  Sue Barlow overflows with that magic.  Caring as much for others as she does for herself, Sue imparts her wisdom in a gentle, caring way that settles in the spaces around her students as they breathe and ‘be’. 

    “Clients often come to yoga thinking they won’t be ‘good enough’;

I reassure them that ‘if you can breathe, you can do yoga’.”

When we follow our flow in life we find ourselves exactly where we’re supposed to be, doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing, sharing it with exactly who we’re supposed to be sharing it with.  Sue has followed her flow.  Working as a district nurse in her local community for many years while raising her children and helping run the family farm near Rushworth in country Victoria, Sue felt inspired to work in a way that would enhance people’s wellbeing rather than working with people once they were already unwell.  A love of yoga and an inability to access classes easily in her rural area, led Sue to undertake a yoga teaching course.  “Initially I thought that the training would further develop and sustain my own practice at home without really considering being a teacher.”  With Sue’s passion for yoga and love of reading (yes, about yoga) it’s no surprise that she created Mud Hut Yoga Studio and began teaching in 2010.  Always welcoming you with a smile, Sue‘s passion for yoga is contagious.  

“Yoga is an essential part of my life and being able to share it with others is a great privilege and joy.” 

Gifted with abundant optimism and a love of connecting with people, Sue understands that living life to the fullest comes naturally when we nurture ourselves, take time to connect with ourselves and surround ourselves with those we love. 

“I love the way people arrive at class smiling and excited about being at yoga – you can see the stress of everyday life

melting away! 

When they leave they look even more happy and relaxed but also rejuvenated and full of life.

I love being part of that process!”


(Credit: I would like to acknowledge Susan Dutton for creating the above Bio for me - I feel very humbled by her kind words. I found writing about myself very difficult (read: impossible!) and her expertise is greatly appreciated.)

I am eternally grateful to the inspiring yoga teachers I have studied with and continue to study with including:

 Vitality Yoga Teaching Staff - 300 hours -Yoga Teaching Training plus Gentle YT training

Nikki Knoff, Knoff Yoga, Cairns - Level 1 (Discovery), Level 2 (Chair), Level 3 (Foundation), Level 5 & 6 (Yoga Therapy A & B)- 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training

Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy - Enlightened Events 690 hours

Simon Borg-Oliver, Yoga Synergy - Yoga Fundamentals / Lorraine Rushton, Zenergy Yoga - Teaching Kids Yoga



As the Mud Hut Yoga Studio continues to grow it has become apparent that to continue that growth, now and into the future, there needed to be more teachers involved. After much thought and careful recruitment this has eventually become a reality.  I am so delighted to have found some really enthusiastic and talented teachers to join me in bringing yoga to more and more people in our little corner of the world! Let the fun begin.....



I am a Colbinabbin farmer/scientist and mother of three (and evil step mother of another three) who was introduced to the joy of yoga five years ago.  My yoga experience has grown along with Sue and the Mud Hut to the point where I decided (with a little nudging from Sue), to pursue teaching.  It seemed a natural fit after many, many years of Netball coaching & Austswim teaching. 

I enjoy the challenges and rewards of teaching someone a physical skill.  I take particular pleasure in working out solutions for individuals with physical restrictions.  My Iyengar Yoga style of training (a specific branch of Hatha yoga) encourages the use of props and equipment to allow people to express a pose to the best of their ability.

I am passionate about yoga and the positive impact it can have in our lives.  When you combine the physical aspect of yoga with the all-important breath and an open, non-judgemental mind your whole being can flourish. 

Looking forward to seeing you on your mats,




My journey with yoga began in 2003 while working and living in Ireland. Yoga was always something I wanted to do, but never seemed to get around to. Since that time yoga has been a constant in my life. 

In 2014 I completed  Knoff Yoga, Level One Discovery Teacher training course and in January 2016 the 3 week intensive Foundation Level 3 of Knoff Yoga Teacher training. I have also commenced teacher training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA. Part one involves  attending an MBSR meditation course through the Mindfulness Training Institute, Australasia.

As an occupational therapist my work focuses on assisting people to find ways to balance their life. My new teaching skills will increase the opportunities for sharing my renewed enthusiasm and knowledge about yoga and mindful meditation. Yoga brings balance to my life and provides me   with an opportunity to grow and realise my full potential. The opportunity for sharing this knowledge with others is exciting. This year (2016) I will be bringing to my teaching my renewed enthusiasm and expanded knowledge following my intense training over January.